Jorge A. Mesias Moreno

Welcome to my webpage

I am Ph.D. Candidate in Economics from the W.P.Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and I will be available for job interviews at the European Job Market for Economists 2021, TEC 2021, and the ASSA Meeting 2022.

My research focuses on Environmental Economics, in particular on Water Rights and Water Markets. Currently I am working in projects that study how different Water Supply Institutions and their bylaws shape Water Markets in Colorado, California and Chile.

My Job Market Paper estimates the demand for water in Colorado Water Division 1. This provides a unique setup as Water Division 1 hosts heterogeneous water supply institutions that vary in their degree of flexibility to trade water rights. I find that demand for water is more elastic (price elasticity of -1) than previously found when we focus on permanent transactions. I also find a significantly higher willingness to pay for more flexible water rights, providing evidence that policy aiming to make water markets more flexible can generate efficiency gains.

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501 E Orange Street, CRTVC 425G

Tempe, Arizona 85281